Florence Tours

The Florentine Touring Collection

The crown jewel of Tuscany is Florence, a quaint city that is a paradigm of timeless beauty and artistic inspiration.  Below are some of our favorite Florentine Touring places; read them through and choose which aspects appeal and we will put them together for one or more uniquely customized days.

Back Streets & Family Chapels Tour

Despite the long lines at the Uffizi, most of the art in Florence is still in its original sites, not in museums. The art of the Renaissance permeates every aspect of this city—you see it on street corners, in shops, and all public places. It is everywhere! Examine medieval architecture and hear about Renaissance lifestyles and pageantry during your easy stroll to all of these wondrous nooks and crooks. Your guide will reconstruct the evolution of the urban space and also point out the latest specialty shops and good eats.

The Big Three Museums Tour

The Uffizi/Pitti Palace/Accademia. Yes, they are filled with pivotal art, and your able guide is well-equipped to navigate you through the crowds to the highlights, but we advise to limit the day to one of these museums, mixing it in with other places on this list so as not to be overwhelmed. Don’t forget about the Bargello, the wonderful sculpture museum!

Artisans and Food Markets of Florence Tour

Discover the “Florence of the Florentines” and escape the crowded touristy areas. Your guide will take you through some of the oldest neighborhoods to visit master artisans while they work. Traditional woodcarving, furniture restoration, marbleized paper and hard-stone mosaic inlay. Stroll through a food market for insights into Tuscan culinary secrets, and discuss with the local purveyors how they prepare their delicacies.

Michelangelo’s Trail Tour

Michelangelo worked and lived part of his life in Florence and left heroic sculptures and breathtaking architecture for us to ponder. Consider visiting the Casa Buonarroti (the home he built for his descendants), his tomb in Santa Croce, his sculptures in the Bargello, the Accademia (the “David”), and the Medici Chapels (host to the sculptures of “Night” and “Day”).

The “Medici World of Power” Tour

Great displays of money, intrigue, international diplomacy, and intellectual pursuits play a role in a visit to any place touched by the Medici family. We could see the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, their church of San Lorenzo, the rich monastery of San Marco, Palazzo Vecchio (town hall) or their royal residence, the Pitti Palace with the attached Boboli gardens.

Eat your way through Florence

Spend the day on a great culinary adventure in Florence. Go to the great food market, taste specialties at the best food artisans and have a wonderful wine tasting. You won’t go away hungry!

A Walk in the Hills Tour

After an intense morning in the city, spend the afternoon walking above on country roads with spectacular views of Florence, the countryside and private residences. Visit the Monastery of San Miniato al Monte (maybe stopping to listen to the monks chanting) and then descend gracefully back into the city.

Special Requests

Please ask us about boat rides on the Arno river, cooking, touring the Vasari Corridor, and private family homes not open to the general public.