Cooking Tours

If you love to cook, there are many opportunities to sharpen your skills! We can arrange classes with professional chefs, either in their home or a professional  school  setting. If you are staying in the countryside, there are some enchanting accommodations available with world-renowned chefs who offer classes.

Or if you prefer, we can arrange for you to cook a more home-style meal with a “contadina” in a countryside farmhouse!

You can cook for one afternoon or for as many days of your trip as you would like. Bring your friends or join a small group. Create your own menus, develop your own specialties! We offer completely flexible opportunities designed just for you.

“[On] our honeymoon vacation in Italia… we cooked perhaps the best meal of our lives in Panzano in Chianti!! I think it was the highlight of our entire trip. Max is a wonderful guide and we had a blast with him that day. He left us with great restaurant recommendations and fond memories of Chianti/Tuscany.”