Private Tours

Discover the Authentic Tuscany with a Private Tour Guide

Custom Tours in Tuscany caters to the sophisticated, independent traveler with the most discriminating taste. Our personalized adventures are created specifically according to your interests and needs. We’ll show you Tuscany’s best art, food, wine, gardens, etc., without ever getting stuck in a “tourist” mode. You will never have to struggle to hear a guide or find yourself too far back in a crowd to see a work of art. We will enable you to have a unique experience in Florence, within Tuscany, and throughout Italy.

Every day with Custom Tours in Tuscany is a day where the adventure goes far beyond your must-see lists, guidebooks and maps. Follow us into artisan shops and back streets of Florence and hear the sagas of medieval families in their great moments of pageantry and feuds. The master works of art and architecture await you. Go to Lucca,Siena, Arezzo, Colle val d’Elsa and Volterra or dozen of other unique hill towns.

Experience their history and see their treasures. Hikes, cooking, and insider shopping can all be part of your individual, personalized, historical and epicurean odyssey, which will reveal the region’s best-kept secrets. Many new travel/tour companies have started in the last few years, but none have the many years of experience, the great connections into private places, nor offer as many different services as we do! Having your own private guide allows you to set the pace and to change directions at a moment’s notice, and provides you the luxury of always having your interests come first.

Touring with a Private Guide

At one time in your life, you probably lingered over a delicious bowl of pasta with a glass of Chianti, and wondered—no, dreamed—just how amazing it would be to visit the grape-covered hills of Tuscany. Whether or not your curiousity lies in history, the Renaissance, gorgeous villas and gardens, or simply a wonderful meal and a hike in the lesser-known hill towns, we will create a tour that is uniquely yours.

Our journey starts out with the Florentine,  the cultural center of Italy. Our guides will devise an itinerary for you  specifically developed for a detailed and thorough exploration of this beautiful city. We not only offer you the opportunity to see the wonders of the well-known attractions, but we take you off the beaten trail to discover the rewards of this historically rich and well-loved part of the world. Live your dream and discover Florence!

“Thanks so much for helping make our dream vacation come true. My husband and I can’t think of a better way to have celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary.” —Arlene Michael, Las Vegas, NV